October 30, 2013

Scouting Charlotte Christian at Ravenscroft

Last Friday was a must-see contest for any local NCSU football fans/observers who also liked high school football. Charlotte Christian made the long drive to Raleigh to play at Ravenscroft High.

The game was loaded with talent, mainly on Christian's sideline. NCSU commits Bo Hines, a receiver, and Garrett Bradbury, a tight end/defensive end, were the primary attraction for The Wolfpacker, but NCSU is evaluating three underclassmen as well: junior center Brian Chaffin, sophomore running back Elijah Deveaux and sophomore quarterback Austin Kendall, the latter of whom reports an early NCSU offer.

Christian also showcases senior tight end/defensive end Jeb Blazevich, who is committed to Georgia, and Ravenscroft has senior tight end/defensive end Avery Edwards, bound for UNC. Both had offers from NCSU before making their respective decisions.

Here is our scouting report from the game.
nes did not stop there. He pounced on top of the DB and pinned him to the ground until the play was over.

The one complaint from Hines' performance was that he dropped two passes that he probably should have caught, but on a cold night perhaps that was more excusable. Hands has not been considered an issue with Hines in the past.

Scouting Charlotte Christian's underclassmen

We were impressed with Deveaux. He had one of the most workmanlike 254-yard rushing performance you'll ever witness. Deveaux has good size for a sophomore and does not shy away from contact. He did a good job getting some yards after the initial hit in the game. He also flashed some quickness with some nice cuts on a couple of touchdown runs.

The biggest question Deveaux will have to answer is his speed. To us, he looked fast enough, but Deveaux was also running behind an overpowering offensive line against an overmatched defensive opponent. That has probably been the case for Deveaux most of this season. If he can run some good 40-times this coming camp/combine slate, his stock should rise considerably.

By our count Kendall completed 7 of 16 passes, but that is not a fair reflection of his accuracy. Hines dropped a pair of passes, Blazevich could not handle a tough catch on the sideline and Blazevich was ruled out of bounds on one reception that appeared to us, on review, to have been in bounds.

Kendall throws with a nice touch, and he answered some questions about his arm strength with a nice out route late in the game. He showed some decent mobility as well on a couple of two-point conversion attempts. Kendall is not the athlete that Denver (N.C.) East Lincoln High sophomore quarterback Chazz Surratt is (not many are), but Kendall is also far from a stiff in the pocket. He can move around.

The key for Kendall will be to continue growing and filling out his frame, thus naturally getting stronger in the process, but we liked his feel for the game.

Chaffin was a nice revelation for us. He has a nice frame for a center, pushing 6-foot-2 and weighing a lean 280 pounds. His snaps were spot on all game, and Christian did quite a few shot guns. We did not see Chaffin blow an assignment, and he impressed us with his foot speed and strength. Chaffin had the ability to both get to the second line or drive a defensive tackle back. We would not be surprised if Chaffin emerges as a top center prospect in the region in the next class.

Scouting Blazevich and Edwards

We have to admit, Blazevich impressed us quite a bit in this game. He has a great frame, the right approach to the physicality of his position, good hands and advanced mobility. He also showed some natural leadership ability that coaches crave.

We're told that Blazevich prefers offense, but to be honest we were more impressed with his work at defensive end in this game. That's noteworthy cause Blazevich did well last Friday from the tight end position. Georgia should have themselves a nice prospect who has the added bonus of being versatile enough to be an option on either side of the ball.

Click here to view Blazevich's scouting video from the game

We did not get it on film, but Edwards had a great touchdown catch-and-run that showed his full potential. The biggest asset of Edwards is that he is an advanced athlete for a tight end. He moves so well for someone his size, and he is a legit 6-foot-5, 230-pounder.

He seems to be improving his physicality, and he's not unwilling in that department, but he should be more of a weapon for UNC as a receiver. He showed excellent concentration on a juggling touchdown catch. He may not be an Eric Ebron for the Heels, but if Edwards reaches his full potential then UNC will not have a big drop-off either.

Click here to view Edwards' scouting video from the game

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